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    An Independent Record Label dedicated to the Monsters of Psych, Stoner Rock!


    Available NOW! Acid FM's long awaited, Last Exit To Nowhere  ~  Acid FM's 9 song E.P. - Electric No. 3  ~  The1st full
    length Acid FM CD,
Justified American Music.  Space Mirrors / Acid FM 7" Split on Red Vinyl   ~   Space Mirrors - The
    Other Gods
& In Darkness They Whisper CD.   Kiss The Right Side Of Your Brain: A Tribute To Monster Magnet CD.


Acid FM's "In The Blink Of An Eye,"  featuring Jennifer Leigh                                         Acid FM Live Performing "Hungry," from the Electric No. 3 CD


 Acid FM's "Don't Stop," from the CD Justified American Music



           Song Previews from the Space Mirrors / Acid FM Split Single

Black Promises - A Credit To Dementia Promo Video



    Interview w/ Sparky Simmons for the Monster Magnet Tribute.

MP3 Previews from Kiss The Right Side Of Your Brain: A Tribute To Monster Magnet


01. TWIN EARTH / Acid FM

02. DOPES TO INFINITY / Wormwood Earth

03. LOOK TO YOUR ORB FOR THE WARNING / Lady Perpetua's Cosmic Circus

04. MONOLITHIC / Black Promises

05. HEADS EXPLODE/ Greg Majka

06. KING OF MARS / Sicko's Zeros

07. CYCLOPS REVOLUTION / Drunken Gunmen

08. GOD SAYS NO / Smoking Bird

09. BIG GOD / D'anglerz

10. TRACTOR / Lady Perpetua's Cosmic Circus

11. SUPERJUDGE / Forgotten Galaxy

12. ZODIAC LUNG / Drunken Gunmen

13. NOD SCENE / Acid FM

14. SPACE LORD / Red Infinity


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