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    An Independent Record Label dedicated to the Monsters of Psych, Stoner Rock!


    Available NOW! Acid FM's long awaited, Last Exit To Nowhere  ~  Acid FM's 9 song E.P. - Electric No. 3  ~  The1st full
    length Acid FM CD,
Justified American Music.  Space Mirrors / Acid FM 7" Split on Red Vinyl   ~   Space Mirrors - The
    Other Gods
& In Darkness They Whisper CD.   Kiss The Right Side Of Your Brain: A Tribute To Monster Magnet CD.



MonsterFuzz Records is an Independent Record Label based out of Kannapolis, NC owned and operated by (SparX) Sparky Danny H. Simmons Jr. MonsterFuzz Records    focuses only on the Vinyl, Compact Disc and Digital Download release of Psychedelic, Space, Stoner,  Desert, Fuzz, Sludge, Doom, Progressive and Hard Rock or Metal. Sparky Simmons, long-time, founder and frontman of the Psych, Hard Rock band Acid FM, founded the label in  2008, but the label did not truly, "get off the ground," until 2011 when it released, "Kiss The Right Side Of Your Brain: A Tribute To Monster Magnet," and the Space Mirrors / Acid FM 7" Split Vinyl Single. The success of both of these releases paved the way for MonsterFuzz Records to be true force in the Independent Rock Scene today.

                     (Sparky) Danny H. Simmons Jr. 

  Interview with Sparky Simmons about MonsterFuzz Records, by Charlotte, NC Radio Station DJ Divaker:  

DIvakar: So tell us, what is MonsterFuzz Records?

Simmons: MonsterFuzz Records is a place where I could put out any music I like! Originally, it was just going to be the entity to release the entire Acid FM catalog, but now it's a lot more. I use it to network with other bands & labels in other countries to help promote Acid FM there, and their band in my area.


DIvakar: Is it a Digital Label, CD's, or Vinyl... or what?

Simmons: YES! So far we have released CD's, Vinyl, & Digital Downloads, and those three mediums seem to be what most people want. How funny is that? A record label that actually releases vinyl records!


DIvakar: Does the label release a certain genre of music or is it an "everything," record label?

Simmons: MonsterFuzz Records deals in anything that is Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Stoner Rock, & even some Ambient Instrumental Music, basically anything that I deem good.


DIvakar: Tell us about what the label has released so far?

Simmons: The label's first official release was "Kiss The Right Side Of Your Brain: A Tribute To Monster Magnet," I did that because I couldn't think of a better way to start a new label, plus it was a total blast to release a cover album of my favorite band. The second release was the Space Mirrors /  Acid FM 7" Split Single on Red Vinyl. I was honored to put that out and have my band Acid FM on it because Nik Turner of Hawkwind is performing on the Space Mirrors song, and Nik Turner is one of my musical influences.


DIvakar: What releases we can look for in 2012?

Simmons: The official release of Acid FM's Electroviolent Paradox will be available sometime in early 2012. I am going to release a "Tribute to Stoner Rock," which will be a compilation of band's covering Stoner Rock songs, and a "MonsterFuzz Records Compilation," of original material. There are also two cover songs Acid FM will release sometime is 2012, one is Black Sabbath's "War Pigs," and the other is Red Ryder's "Lunatic Fringe."


DIvakar: Where is the labels music distributed?

Simmons: I am always finding forms of distribution... be it a chain of stores that sell records & CD's, a guy who sells CD's on Ebay, or basically anywhere that will have them. I also have a close group of people that support me, so between all of that we can move an album.


DIvakar: How does an artist go about submitting to MonsterFuzz Records and what do you usually do with new artists?

Simmons: The first thing they need to do is fill out the contact / submission form and mail me their press package. I will check out whatever comes my way and if

it is something I like, I will get in touch and see what can happen.


DIvakar: Summarize what MonsterFuzz Records can do for a new artist?

Simmons:  I am not a major record label so if you think you are going to call me up and negotiate a quarter million dollar record deal, you are sadly mistaken.

What I can do is feature one of the band's original songs on a MonsterFuzz Records Compilation CD, or do a split vinyl single, possibly more... depending.


DIvakar: Sounds like MonsterFuzz Records is a happening thing and it's going to be a Monster!

Simmons:  Absolutely!



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